Planning, Costing and Budgeting (PCB) Framework

Management Sciences for Health

The Planning, Costing and Budgeting (PCB) Framework is an Excel spreadsheet workbook designed to allow users to clearly identify the linkages between all elements of a plan–the activities, strategies, objectives and goals, and the budget required to achieve these goals and objectives.

The workbook consists of an example plan and a blank template plan.

The framework is also accompanied by a User's Manual which explains the layout of the spreadsheet and provides instructions on how to use it. The framework is laid out in a logical, step-by-step format which:

  1. Encourages the user to move from an overall goal down to the activities and resources level
  2. Encourages the identification and quantification of critical inputs needed for each activity and the cost for each of these critical inputs
  3. Shows the funding commitments for the plan and estimates of the funding gaps

The framework is intended for planners, program managers and financial analysts at any level, and it should help them to improve their planning and budgeting skills and their understanding of the relationship between the programmatic and financial elements. The tool is only available via direct communication with MSH.

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