This report presents four indicators related to use of insecticide treated nets (ITNs); individual access to ITN within the household, individual use of ITN the previous night, household ownership of at least one ITN, and the use:access ratio.

The fourth Liberia National Malaria Strategic Plan (NSP) for 2016–2020 addresses the need to scale-up malaria control and prevention activities to build on gains made under the Millennium Development Goals and to continue making progress under the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

This is a template for a strategic communication plan for an Ebola outbreak, specifically for Liberia. 

Some objectives of this plan are to support adoption of protective measures, increase self-efficacy among the population, engage key partners, and build health literacy.

This is a geospatial map of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone noting treatment facilities, airfields, public transportation, religious instiuttions, embassies, and refugee camps and can be used by managers and policy makers to help in making programmatic decisions and plans.