GoodLife is a unified, umbrella brand by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and the Behavior Change Support (BCS) Project. It is part of an exciting overarching multimedia campaign in Ghana. The GoodLife
initiative encourages self-reflection about what makes life “good” and links personal happiness to the practice of healthy behaviors.

GoodLife. Live it Well was an exciting aspirational campaign that promoted good health and positive lifestyles among Ghanaians. By asking, “What is Your Good Life?”, the national initiative encouraged self-reflection while linking personal happiness to the practice of healthy behaviors.

This teaser flyer was used in the first phase of the GoodLife Ghana Project.  It was designed to create "buzz" and curiosity about the meaning of the phrase GoodLife and what the project was going to address.  In the second phase of the project, more information was provided, linking GoodLife to wishes for a better life via good health.