National Strategic Plan for Malaria Control and Elimination in Thailand, 2011-­ 2016

Thailand Department of Disease Control
The vision of the National Malaria Control and Elimination Strategy is that 80 percent of the total country areas will be free from locally acquired malaria transmission by the year 2020.
The specific objectives to achieve this goal include: 
  • To detect malaria cases (both asymptomatic and symptomatic) and ensure effective diagnosis and treatment and gametocyte clearance  
  • To prevent transmission of malaria parasites through effective vector control and personal protection measures among vulnerable populations. 
  • To support elimination of malaria parasites through comprehensive behavior change communication, community mobilization and advocacy. 
  • To provide an effective management system (including surveillance, monitoring and evaluation, and operational research) to enable rapid and high quality implementation of the strategy. 
  • To interrupt malaria transmission in target districts 
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