These resources are from Scrutinize, a national campaign undertaken by USAID/Johns Hopkins University/Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa, in partnership with the popular youth brand Levis, other South African partners, along with creative incubation by Matchboxology.

The campaign included:

This is the main website listing the resources from the Brothers for Life campaign which was launched 2009 to address the risks associated with multiple and concurrent partnerships, sex and alcohol abuse, and gender based violence and which also promoted HIV testing, male involvement in PMTCT and other health seeking behaviors.

ACE, a practical learning program, stands for “Advancing Communication Experientially”. The program is made up of an Internship Program and a Fellowship Program.

The Community Based Intervention System (CBIS) is designed as a reciprocal system where data are provided and shared at the levels where programs are implemented in order to enhance program coordination efforts and expose logical partnerships for collaboration.

Hotlines can be a useful barometer for measuring the impact of public education and media campaigns, and can provide information to guide new interventions.