--Caregivers of Children

This photonovel is meant to accompany the Shuga TV series.  The story tells of a teenage girl who is approached by an older man, who offers to pay her school fees.  She ends up in his apartment, and he attempts to seduce her.  When she refuses, he beats her.  She decides to take the case to court, braving the possibility of her friends' gossip a

This one page job aid is an instructional sheet developed in pictorial format inorder to instruct healthworkers about how to apply CHX on the umbilical cords of newborns. 

This pamphlets is intended for both parents and children, and those who work with and care for children, to list the various rights and responsiiblities of children, in the areas of education, heatlh, welfare, mutual respect, listening to one another, etc.

ForwardUK works in the UK, Europe and Africa to safeguard girls at risk of FGM and support women affected. They do this through direct community engagement, advocacy and strategic partnerships. These videos were produced as part of ForwardUK's projects: