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This brief (4 minutes 32 seconds) animation describes the ways in which knowledge management can make siginficant differences in health.  It takes as an example a physician who developed a simple checklist for his hospital, and that checklist ended up saving many lives as his staff no longer skipped steps or forgot important health procedures.

The Nepal Contraceptive Retail Sales (CRS) Project was established in July 1976. Its status was formally acknowledged by the Ministry of Finance in 1978. Financial support was provided by USAID through Westinghouse Electric Inc, USA.

The Bangladesh Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Working Group provides a platform for Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) professionals from different backgrounds to learn, network and share experiences related to SBCC for Health, Population and Nutrition (HPN) in Bangladesh.

The Capacity Assessment Tool is used to evaluate the Social Behavior Change Communication and Knowledge Management skills and abilities of SBCC professionals. It is used for planning future capacity strengthening activities, and dicovering where, within an organization, an area of skill needs development.