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This campaign was designed to motivate mothers to wash their own hands with soap and to encourage their children to do the same.  The campaign involved framing handwashing with soap without using the word "germs" and to frame the discussion as a matter of good manners which will help ensure the success of their children.  On the part of the chil

The SBCC Emergency Helix describes a communication blueprint for strengthening community stability, health system adaptability and the evolution toward resilience.

The purpose of this I-Kit is to provide a set of key considerations for SBCC activities in emergency situations.

This I-Kit provides essential information and tools for responding to an outbreak using an SBCC approach. It presents a series of nine units, each accompanied by exercise worksheets to help link the SBCC theory to practice.

This is a basic form for reporting individual cases of plague.  It asks for information regarding patient history and the course of the illness.  In addition, it offers space for laboratory results, the case status, and epidemiological information.