Add Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Resources

How to Submit Your Own SBCC Resources

1. Determine the best of the best. When users search the Health COMpass, we want them to rest easy knowing that they will find the top SBCC resources. We are looking for resources that:

  • Were developed using a strategic communication process, and
  • Have been shown to be effective in the field.

2. Create the package. Think about all the additional materials and documents that support the resource you are submitting - scripts, design documents, or complementary campaign materials. Consider including any support materials that will help a user better understand the process you went through to develop and implement the resource.

3. Finalize all resources you are submitting. Only submit resources you would like to be made public and seen by other users. Remove comments and track changes, and finalize formatting.

4. Decide if you are submitting an SBCC Capacity Strengthening Tool or an SBCC Project Example.

SBCC Capacity Strengthening Tools are “how to” resources and tools that guide you through the process of SBCC. There are tools for every stage of the health communication process, from the foundations of SBCC to analysis, design, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and audience participation.

SBCC Project Examples are examples of SBCC materials that have proven to be effective. There are materials that address every level of society, from individual, to community, health facility, and national. In addition to the actual materials, you can also find procedural documents like creative briefs, scripts, and design documents.

5. Submit your resource. When you submit your resources, provide documentation of success, in the form of an evaluation report, success stories, case studies, broader adoption, or anecdotal evidence. To submit your resource, please complete one form for each resource submitted.

       Contribute SBCC Tools           Contribute Project Examples

6. Describe how the resource was developed, designed and used. Users tend to find the resource more relevant if you can also include something about how you designed and used the resource in the Description.

7. Review submissions. Once submitted, we will review the resources to ensure they meet the criteria outlined above.

8. Approve your resource. Before publishing the resources, we will send them to you for final approval.