About the Health COMpass

What is the Health COMpass?

The Health COMpass is a curated database of how-to resources, program examples, and tools - all relating to health communication.

On this site, you can:

  • Learn how to do SBCC
  • Find examples of materials others have developed
  • See how others designed, implemented, and evaluated SBCC programs, and
  • Share your own experience

The Health COMpass is an interactive platform for you to find the highest quality SBCC tools and program examples. It presents materials in packages, recognizing that one single material cannot change or sustain a behavior. The collection is curated, presenting resources that have been designed using a strategic process and have demonstrated success. The Health COMpass is a project of the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative. Just like any quality communication material, the Health COMpass goes through an iterative process. We will add features and make changes to the site based on your feedback. Contributors like you will also add new resources, so keep checking back!

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What kind of resources will I find in the Health COMpass database?

SBCC Capacity Strengthening Tools are “how to” resources and tools that guide you through the process of SBCC. There are tools for every stage of the health communication process, from the foundations of SBCC to analysis, design, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and audience participation.


SBCC Project Examples are examples of SBCC materials that have proven to be effective. There are materials that address every level of society, from individual, to community, health facility, and national. In addition to the actual materials, you can also find procedural documents like creative briefs, scripts, and design documents. As the site grows, you will be able to see how others have used these materials.


What qualifies resources for inclusion in the Health COMpass database?

The Health COMpass is a curated collection of the top SBCC resources. When contributors submit materials, we review them to ensure that they meet our two criteria:

  1. The item was created using a strategic communication process
  2. The item has documented positive results - whether in the form of evaluation reports, success stories, case studies, or broader adoption

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Why Social and Behavior Change Communication?

Health is created through the interplay of biology and the social determinants that shape human interaction. These social determinants include factors such as knowledge, attitudes, norms, and cultural practices.

Social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programs use the most powerful and fundamental human interaction – communication – to positively influence these social dimensions of health and well-being. In this context communication goes beyond the delivery of a simple message or slogan to encompass the full range of ways in which people individually and collectively convey meaning.

Among the powerful tools employed by SBCC programs are mass media, community-level activities, interpersonal communication, information and communication technologies, and new media. Research consistently shows evidence-based communication programs can increase knowledge, shift attitudes and cultural norms, and produce changes in a wide variety of behaviors.

SBCC has proven effective in several health areas, such as increasing the use of family planning methods, preventing HIV and AIDS, reducing the spread of malaria and other infectious diseases, and improving newborn and maternal health.


What are the benefits of registration?

When you register, you become part of a community of SBCC specialists who share experiences and materials. As part of this community you:

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What do I do if I want to use or adapt one of the materials I find in the Health COMpass?

We provide this database as a resource for health communication professionals. If you would like to make use of, or adapt, any of the items you find in the Health COMpass, please contact the producer of the material. Further use of any of the materials in the database is the responsibility of the user.

For more information about adapting materials, check out our How-to-Guide: How to Adapt SBCC Materials

If you have questions or need help, please contact us!