South Africa

This is a series of posters designed for the PrEP campaign in South Africa intended to engage sex workers in finding out more about the use of PrEP. Some of the posters include information about what PrEP is, how it is used, and about its safety and effectiveness.

This fact sheet was designed for a campaign to reach sex workers with information about PrEP. These materials were designed with input from local South African sex worker and youth programmes and have been well received by the target audiences.

This 20 minute program tells of a couple with two children.  The husband has multiple partners outside the marriage, and eventually the wife throws him out.  He realizes that he wants to return to his wife, but his wise uncle counsels him to get tested for HIV before doing so.  He finds out he is negative, but realizes what a close call he had.

This is a discussion tool video to be used in conjunction with the series "Untold Stories in a Time of HIV and AIDS" which aimed to build and train a community of new voices to write, produce and make local content programs. Although a regional series, it was made up of nine separate local films.

This TV spot takes place in a beauty salon where two of the women share that their partners were recently circumcised.  One goes into detail about how she convinced her partner to undergo the procedure and how much better their love life has been.  Another shyly tells the other patrons that her partner did the same thing.