This poster was designed to introduce Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in Nigeria.  It encourages anyone who is at risk for contracting HIV to talk to an HIV counselor immediately about PrEP. This material is part of the Nigerian National Agency for the Control of AIDS Demonstration Project.

These infographics are from a project called "The Girl Generation," a UK-based NGO dedicated to ending FGM, These country infographics highlight basic statistics on FGM in each of The Girl Generation's focal countries:

Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) is a quick way of testing for malaria and the result can be ready within 15-20 minutes.  This brochure advises individuals who believe they may have malaria to insist on a rapid test, and explains what is involved in the test, also answering basic questions patients may have.

This tool was developed to guide house-to-house Interpersonal communication .The goal is to build and sustain community support for appropriate malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment behaviours

The objectives of the guide are:       

This conceptual framework for the Nigeria Urban Reproductive Health Initiative Project was based on the broader concept that, using a theory-based approach rooted in a social-ecological model, supply and demand side initiatives will be integrally linked.  Thus, demand will push supply and supply will rise to meet the challenge.   

This infographic summarizes the impact of the Nigerian NURHI projet on contraceptive use and attitufdes about contraception. It includes statistics about how many lives are saved by the use of family planning.