Add a Resource

Before you submit to SBCC:

  1. Does your resource meet the SBCC criteria?
    • It was developed using a strategic communication process.
    • It has been shown to be effective in the field.
  2. Is your resource package finalized?
    • Organize all of the additional materials and documents that support the resource you are submitting – scripts, design documents, or complementary campaign materials. Include support materials that will help your audience understand your process.
  3. Is your resource a tool or project example?
    • An SBCC tool is a “how to” resource that guides you through the process of SBCC.
    • A project example is an SBCC material that has prove to be effective.

Keep in Mind:

Track your success.

Provide documentation of success, in the form of evaluations reports, success stories, case studies, broader adoption, or anecdotal evidence.

Be thorough.

Describe how the resource was developed, designed, and used. Users tend to find the resource more relevant if you can also include something about how you designed and used the resource in the description.

Get reviewed. 

Once submitted, we will review the resources to ensure they meet the criteria above. Be on the lookout for communication from us about the status of your resource.

Approve your resource. 

Before publishing the resources, we will send them to you for final approval.